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We do it for people in need

The fate of impoverished children requires more attention.

According to data from the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO), millions of children die each year worldwide due to hunger and lack of medical care.


Our Mission

Nurturing and uplifting the lives of every child we encounter. With unwavering dedication and compassion, we strive to provide essential support, opportunities, and resources to children in need, ensuring they have the chance to thrive and succeed.


Healthy Food

Providing nutritious food is crucial for promoting children's physical health and development.



Offering appropriate medical care helps prevent and treat diseases promptly, ensuring children's well-being.


Pure Water

Ensuring access to clean water sources is essential for preventing waterborne diseases.



Delivering quality education assists children in acquiring knowledge and skills, laying the foundation for their future lives and careers.

About us

Make your goals to help people

As a charitable organization, we approach goal-setting for helping others by first thoroughly researching and understanding the specific needs of the communities or individuals we aim to serve. This involves listening to their voices, understanding their challenges, and identifying the most pressing issues that require our attention. Based on this insight, we set clear, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals that align with our organization's mission and values. We actively involve stakeholders, including beneficiaries and community members, in the goal-setting process to ensure that our efforts are truly responsive to their needs and aspirations. Throughout our journey, we regularly monitor our progress, evaluate outcomes, and make necessary adjustments to ensure that we are effectively making a positive impact on the lives of those we aim to help.

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Every donation you make is incredibly important to us, and each one directly benefits someone in need.

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Why choose us

Your help will be very useful for them

The application of blockchain technology empowers transparency in charitable endeavors. Through the distributed ledger and immutable nature of blockchain, donors can track the flow of funds in real-time, ensuring that donations are used for the intended charitable projects. This transparency not only enhances public trust in charitable organizations but also inspires more people to participate in philanthropic activities, contributing collectively to social welfare.

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    Spurring innovation
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    Strengthening global cooperation
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    Generating high-quality data and evidence
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Our Charity

CAF provide assistance in various ways



At the core of charitable work lies the fundamental principle of humanity.


Giving Information

Charities are essential in providing information for informed decision-making and fostering healthier, more fulfilling lives through health, environmental, and educational initiatives.


Raising Awareness

Advocacy and awareness-raising are integral components of charitable initiatives aimed at addressing pressing social issues and driving positive change.


Relieving Poverty

Poverty remains one of the most pervasive and complex challenges facing humanity.